Magic Grip Gecko Tape

Deal of the Day

Super strong, reusable adhesive gel tape.

Highly advanced, engineered adhesive gel tape made of carbon nanotubes that holds strong just like a gecko’s feet.

That’s the fancy tech, but this is why is matters…

Soooo many uses:

  • Hang pictures/wall decor and remove with ease (perfect for craft displays and trade shows)
  • Keep most often used tools and supplies within easy reach
  • DIY your own super sticky gel pads for creative YouTube filming angles and demonstration videos
  • Keep markers and gel pens visible – easily see and grab just the right color!
  • Keep rugs from sliding underneath your work table
  • Easily removable, infinitely washable and reusable
  • Wash each time you remove it from a surface – makes it just like new!
  • Will not rip off paint or damage walls – perfect for apartments and college dorms

Gotta Have It...

so many crafts, so little time

Washable. Removable. Reusable.

So many craft projects, so little time.


Magic Grip Gecko Tape is the crafter’s new favorite staple to have in his/her stash. It’s as essential as E6000 and multipurpose too….without all the nasty fumes.

Get more mileage out of your sticky glue with the tape that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Double-Sided. Super Sticky.

Say goodbye to drying time! 

Make your projects stick and stay put without the messy liquids or drying time. Magic Grip Gecko Tape works like magic to instantly add super strong adhesion to your projects. Works for small and big projects alike, cut to any size you need. Can be applied to any smooth surface and leaves no residue. Think…double-sided sticky tape on steroids.

How to Use:

  1. Clean the surface that you would like to stick to
  2. Cut magic tape to the desired size
  3. Peel off the protective film
  4. Stick it on the surface

When the surface is dusty, wash it with water and let it air dry. It’s now ready to reuse!

Simple as 1-2-3-4!

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