This page is a supplement to my live local workshops: “How To Get Started on Etsy” and  “How To Get More Sales w/Advanced Etsy Promotion.

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Get Your First 40 Listings for FREE

Ready to get started sharing your creations with the world? Well, you’re really just a couple of clicks away. Click here to register your Etsy shop and claim your first 40 listings free of charge. (i.e. no listing fees)

Recommended Etsy Shop Set-up Tutorial: Etsy 101

This class is offered on the Skillshare platform. Skillshare is an online learning community for all things creative, design & business. A place to fuel your curiosity, creativity and career with 7 million other creators who are doing what they love. 

Important Housekeeping Notes:

Visit Etsy’s seller policies page to familiarize yourself with the do’s and don’ts of selling on the platform.

Also, you’ll want to take a look at the fees associated with selling on Etsy. You can read about that here.

search the trademark database

Check the Trademark Database for Your Business Name

Before you settle on a business name, do a quick check to see if anyone else is using it. Be sure to check if the name is already trademarked. Click on the image to get started...

check your business name across all socia medias

Claim Your Name Across the Major Social Medias

Now that you've confirmed you business name is not being used by someone already in your niche, check KnowEm to see if the social media handles are available and go and register them. You want to claim your brand name across all of the major social medias even if you decide not to be active on them. Click on the image to get started...

Watch FREE Online Creative Classes

Whether you are a hobbyist or full-time creative entrepreneur, Creative Live has online classes to feed your creative soul. Learn a new skill or expand on an existing one. Listen and learn while working away in your studio. Click on the image to start watching now...

Get small business services for just $5 from Fiverr

Get It Done Starting At Just $5

You may have to kiss a few frogs on this platform, so don't invest in a high dollar gig before testing with smaller projects first. But the rewards of having your go-to list of trusted vendors is like having gold in your pocket. Once you find vendors that you like working with, develop the relationship by utilizing them for ongoing projects. Time is money and Fiverr helps you get more done. Focus on the areas where you really shine and outsource the rest.

There are tons of Etsy support gigs on here. From Etsy banners to people who’ll upload your listings for you. Just do a quick search for whatever you need help with to get started.

Create great looking visuals for your shop

Create Amazing Branding for Your Shop

Canva allows you to create beautiful graphics and marketing materials for your brand without being a graphic designer. It's a real time saver for the small business owner. Branding knowledge is still beneficial but Canva gets you started (or out of a pickle when time is tight). Click on the image to get started...​

Create amazing mock-ups for your product photos

Create Believable Mock-ups for Your Lifestyle Photos

Believable mock-ups of your products really help customers visualize themselves owning and loving your products. Creating realistic mock-ups will go a long way in helping to sell your products and Placeit's library of thousands of product mock-ups and easy to use image generator makes it a breeze. It's my go-to secret weapon for having awesome lifestyle photos without hiring expensive models and photo shoots. (shhh...don’t tell 😉)

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